Ground Floor Efficiency Addition

We completed a unique project - just in time for rental season.

Our clients wanted to add additional storage to the front of the cottage and convert the existing downstairs space to a small efficiency with the goal of renting the space on Airbnb. First, we enclosed the front of the cottage to create a 11' x 11' storage space. We added a pergola and window box, designed by the homeowner to create a custom cottage appeal. We installed coastal lighting feature below the pergola.

Next we enclosed the open stairwell and installed a door to differentiate the two spaces. We then relocated the washer and dryer in the 'bedroom' space. We removed one of the existing windows and repaired drywall, painted the entire space. We installed the new cabinetry in the kitchenette and additional lines to sustain the new appliances. We ran new plumbing and finished off the space for the homeowner to decorate and get on the rental market.

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