Meet the Simpleside Duplex

After over 1,000 day in foreclosure and actively on the market, we purchased this historic, commercial duplex in the Town of Kill Devil Hills.

Over the past year, we have thoughtfully restored the property bringing a new life to the building and securing the structure for years to come. The new design incorporates classic Outer Banks architecture in the porch design and exterior siding design and selection.

Once completed the building will remain a duplex with two units, Suite A and Suite B. Suite A will be office space consisting of 5 offices with a shared kitchen, bathroom, reception and conference room leading out to a private ground level patio. Our residential unit, Suite B, will remain residential with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, full kitchen and expansive new sun deck.

Remains from Vitamin Sea Surf Shop

Progress Photo, Simpleside Construction.

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